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With the improvement of living standards, consumers about the quality of the food and clothing live line products have higher requirements, especially in food, beverage, medicine, automobile and other products, due to its product quality is closely related to people's life, but also become the focus of many businesses and consumers. Among them, the material quality control is an important aspect of product quality. In order to let the material suppliers have a clear understanding of the quality of their products, guangzhou west tang to the society to provide sample testing.
A, detection range
1.1 thin film, paper, barrier property detection:
1.1.1 all kinds of thin film, paper, the resistance of O2, N2, inorganic gases such as CO2, air performance testing.
1.1.2 all kinds of thin film, paper, water resistance test.
1.2 all kinds of thin film, paper, the physical properties of detection:
Such as tensile strength, tensile strength, thermal bonding strength and peel strength, resistance to tear strength, thickness, etc
Common test material: PE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP, PET, PA, EVOH, EVAL, PVC, PVDC, AL, KOP, KPET, KPA, KMF, PET aluminum plating, CPP aluminum plating, extinction BOPP, PA/AL/CPP, PA/PU, PET/AL/PA, PE/AL/PET, five layers co-extrusion film, seven layers co-extrusion film and so on.
1.3 all kinds of finished product containers, container bags oxygen resistance, water resistance test:
Common detection products are: beer, cola bottles, water bottles, and so on.
1.4 car inner decoration detection:
1.4.1 porosity testing
All kinds of leather, artificial leather, non-woven fabrics, textile cloth, heat insulation membrane, cell membrane, etc.
1.4.2 moisture permeability test
Leather, artificial leather, non-woven fabrics, textile and so on.
1.5 building materials, such as the back the barrier property of detection
2, test the entrusted matters needing attention
2.1 guangzhou west tang to provide test data only, not for solving legal disputes.
2.2 sample request:
Appearance: sample without buckling, no scratch, no pinhole, non-polluting; Containers shall be no crushed, no pollution, blocking layer falls off phenomenon, nothing is being squeezed from any external forces.
Sample size:
Permeability test: (O2, N2, CO2 and other gases)
Differential pressure method, sample size 120 mm * 120 mm or more
Container testing requirements: bottle diameter > Φ 13 mm, outside diameter < Φ 50 mm
Moisture permeability test:
Electro-dialysis moisture permeability testing: 120 mm * 120 mm or higher
Weighing method, its moisture detection: 120 mm * 120 mm or higher
Sample quantity: 3 or higher/each sample/each test project
2.3 the full name of the customer should tell the sample, specification, material, batch number, whether you need to return.
2.4 clear sample inspection basis, test standard and so on.
Three, the test report
If the customer data of the test, please give formal notice, within 10 days of time calculated from the date of the test report issued by, is not processing.
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